State Required Assessment

The state of Washington requires a comprehensive Geriatric Assessment be completed before a senior or adult can move into a licensed care facility.

The state requires this information to establish what level of care the senior requires which will determine what type of facility will best meet the needs of that individual. It also allows the facility that is chosen to have important detailed information on all aspects of care to best serve their needs and to determine appropriate monthly rent.

This professional evaluation ensures the senior is placed in a proper facility while being appropriately charged for their care. Assessments are conducted by a Registered Nurse or Masters level Social Worker and will be completed in the comfort of the seniors own home or care setting.

Adult Care Pro has access to several qualified Assessors in your area and will contact who is available and schedule the evaluation for you. Generally there is a fee for this service, depending on the facility you choose. Some facilities may do their own at no charge to you. Typically the assessments cost around $300-$350. Payment is due at the time of service and is paid directly to the assessment professional.

Please Note: Assessment Professionals are independent contractors and are not employed by or affiliated with our agency. We do NOT profit from geriatric assessments at any time.