Respite Care

Respite Care provides assistance for seniors/adults in various care settings on a temporary or short term basis and can serve several different purposes.

Most importantly it allows family members or spouses a break from the strains of care taking duties. “Burnout” is very common for primary caregivers and taking personal time for rest and relaxation is vital to maintain mental and physical health. Statistics show that routine time off from the daily responsibilities is necessary to avoid developing stress related health and emotional problems. Additionally, respite services gives care providers the ability to be away for longer periods when necessary for traveling, addressing health concerns of their own or other personal reasons that may inhibit them from caregiving obligations. It can also provide a gentle approach to adapting loved ones to a new environment and receiving care from others to make future transitions easier. Many seniors find that they enjoy their stay and have a more positive outlook when the time comes when a long term placement is necessary.

Respite Care can be provided by a Home Care Agency, Assisted Living, Adult Family Home, Adult Care Home or Nursing Home. Respite programs are also offered through local community Adult Day Care programs and Dementia and Alzheimer’s facilities. Depending on the facility and individual needs, respite programs offer personal care, memory care, meals, supervison, socializing and activities. Private funds, state assistance (for those who qualify) and long term care insurance policies are ways to pay for Respite Care servicesnecessary.   Respite programs are also offered in Dementia and Alzheimer’s facilities for seniors that need respite care.

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