Picking the wrong senior living community

Picking the wrong senior living community is not an option

Choosing the best senior living community requires a tremendous amount of time and critical thought. Doing this kind of research is painstakingly difficult.

It is entirely up to the family to call, visit, and scrutinize communities in search of the best combination of care, amenities and budget requirements.

Some common questions can be:

  • Has the facility had any violations?
  • Will the facility allow a conversion to Medicaid?

This is likely the most complicated, expensive, and personal decision you will ever make. People often feel they have only blind trust when faced with choosing the right care facility for their loved one.

We are the first to provide independent reviews on senior living communities and information about the care they provide. We disclose details on pricing including levels of care and hidden fees.

Transparency is crucial as consumer advocates and we believe that allowing us to guide you will make the process of selecting the best care community much less stressful.

That’s why our 26 years of research is invaluable and essential for anyone seeking long term care. Our Certified Senior Care Advisors have guided thousands of families through the process of making informed decisions based on individual needs.

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