What Should A Quality Assisted Living Facility Offer?

What Should A Quality Assisted Living Facility Offer?

There are so many unknowns when it comes time to help a loved one seek a care facility.  Adult Care Pro helps families find peace and confidence in their new chapter in life by providing over 22 years of experience, knowledge, and true compassion for seniors.   Today let’s talk about what Assisted Living can typically look like.

Daily life in an assisted living community is full of choices, with access to a wide range of amenities that reduce the headache of daily living. Allowing seniors to focus on socialization means they can enjoy their golden years by having fun and meaningful experiences with others. Services can be performed on as needed basis or scheduled for different intervals.

The day typically starts off with breakfast served in a community dining setting where everyone  can eat, socialize and plan for the day. The atmosphere is similar to that of a restaurant, where friends meet and enjoy each other’s company. Meals are nutritious, tasty and can be altered for those with specific dietary needs such as diabetes etc.

Residents can choose from morning activities such as outdoor exercise and games, indoor activities, or spending quiet time back in the apartment reading the newspaper or watching television.  It can be typical for residents to put together card games and activities in addition to the ones already provided by the care facility. Some communities offer excursions to different locations, often with transportation provided by bus. Seniors can take this opportunity to complete errands and visit places such as their local bank, or have some fun at a shopping center, hair salon, or museum. Some folks enjoy a nice walk after breakfast as the grounds of assisted living centers are usually beautiful and well groomed.

Mid-day begins with lunch in the cafeteria. Just like breakfast, the lunch meals provide a well-balanced meal full of energy, vitamins, nutrients, and plenty of taste.  After lunch many people enjoy socializing in the common areas where they can play games, sip a cup of coffee, or have an afternoon snack. Most public common areas have comfortable furniture and a nice selection of books to choose from.

For those of a particular religious denomination, there’s typically a place of worship where residents can go to enjoy a quiet time of prayer, meditation and reflection. There are usually regularly scheduled service times for worship.

The afternoon usually includes a rest time or nap for many residents. If they choose to they can also leave the grounds and run personal errands or visit family and friends. Most quality assisted living communities encourage seniors to spend time outside of the community to keep connected with outside friends, family, and interests.

Assisted living administrators and social activity directors will also plan for special events and speakers on occasion. Speakers can include subject matter experts who talk about health topics, senior financial planning, available community programs and a variety of other topics that interest seniors. Seasonal guests also visit such as holiday singers and performers. Common activities include bingo, movies, and arts and craft

Early evening, consists of a healthy dinner and a good time for family & friends can come to visit and even have dinner after they get off work. The majority of visitors come in the evenings and weekends. Many seniors like to enjoy quiet time in their apartments watching television and reading before heading off to bed. There are still evening activities planned such as singing, bingo, card games, movies, and crafts to choose from.

Staff is also available to discuss concerns that residents may have. Some residents, especially new ones, can have a difficult time adjusting to their new way of life. Staff is there with support and encouragement, and can even bring in counselors to provide professional support. The goal of the assisted living staff is to make the resident comfortable and happy during their stay.

Here are a couple of recommendations Adult Care Pro suggests before you sign an agreement.

  1. The family and senior should sample a meal together at the facility prior to moving in. We know that the food can vary from one facility to another.
  2. You may also want to ask to see their most recent state survey.

For a list of other suggested questions you may not have thought of to ask, give us a call and we will be happy to share our three page questionnaire to take along as you tour potential facilities.

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Written By: Tanja Powers,

Senior Care Advisor



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