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In-Home Care

Home Health Agencies or Home Care Agencies can accommodate the needs of an individual by offering services for a wide array of needs from assistance with daily living to 24 hour care. Services range from helping with cooking, cleaning and basic personal care to live-in or full time nursing care. This allows the senior to continue living in their own home temporarily or permanently depending on the individual circumstances.

  • A Home Care Agency is able to offer “non medical” assistance to seniors which can include services such as:  housekeeping, shopping, meal preparation, running errands, transportation, medication reminders, dressing/bathing assistance and many others.Home Care may provide ongoing daily care or temporary (Respite) care to relieve a primary caregiver who needs personal time or a break from the daily stresses of care giving. This is best for seniors who can still live safely in their own home but would benefit from some basic assistance with daily living.
  • A Home Health Agency is able to offer “medical” services.  Care includes skilled nursing services including but not limited to: diabetes management, wound care, medication administration (including injections such as insulin), Intravenous (IV) administration, catheter care, feeding tube care, breathing treatments and many others.  This option is best suited for seniors that need more advanced medical  are on a short term basis and can bridge the gap until they are placed into a care facility for the long term.

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