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Alzheimer’s/Memory Care

Memory Care facilities are for seniors with all forms of Dementia and all stages of Alzheimer’s Disease in settings that offer special services,
security and protection.

  • These facilities are “secure” or “locked” which means that the outer doors of the community are locked so residents are not able to wander out of the community unattended.
  • All indoor areas and secure outdoor spaces or courtyards allow residents freedom to safely enjoy walks, gardening, socializing or other scheduled activities.
  • Staff members have been specially trained to assist seniors who have memory impairment and are sensitive to their special needs.
  • Targeted programs, social activities and interaction are offered on a daily basis to help maintain memory and physical functioning with dignity and compassion.
  • Care and health services are available by Certified Nursing Assistants and Licensed Nurses 24 hours a day. This care option is best for seniors with moderate to advanced memory challenges and those with strong wandering tendencies or difficult behavioral issues.

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