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Adult Family/Care Home

Adult Family/Care Homes are privately owned state licensed care facilities in a residential home setting that can accommodate light, moderate, advanced and Hospice level care.

  • In the state of Washington, Adult Family/Care Homes are allowed a maximum of 6 residents (Oregon 5 residents) providing an outstanding caregiver to resident ratio, allowing the best of personalized care.
  • Monthly rent covers room and board, 24 hour personal care, 3 meals daily, snacks, utilities, housekeeping, laundry services and activities.
  • The majority of Adult Family/Care Homes are certified for Dementia or Alzheimer’s care, while a smaller percentage of homes care for individuals with developmental disabilities or mental health issues. All homes provide an RN on call 24 hours a day with a smaller percentage offering skilled nursing care on a daily basis.
  • The Owners of the care homes are required by each States own laws to have many different specialty trainings, but all caregivers providing patient care must have a minimum of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Registered Nursing Assistant (NAR) license.
  • Benefits include: a high level of personalized care, comfortable home-like atmosphere and social activities based on the senior’s preferences
    and abilities.
  • Residents are able to live in the home and be cared for throughout the end of life, eliminating the need for additional moves which can have a negative impact on physical and emotional health. Adult Family/Care Homes offer an intimate caring environment where seniors become like family, establishing strong bonds with caregivers and other residents. Family and friends may visit as often as they like and are encouraged to participate in special activities like birthdays and holidays.
  • These facilities are an excellent alternative to a Nursing Home since they offer Hospice and end of life care for a more reasonable price.

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