We are Here For You

We are Here For You

It’s been a busy week for our Adult Care Pro team. At times, it seems that our family’s need for support is relentless. As always, we are honored to answer their call. Sometimes we spend hours counseling Susan, wanting to discuss her observations regarding her mother in law’s startling behavior. And her husband, despondent given the situation not aware he is mourning the strong and vibrant mother he remembered. Sometimes we talk to Joe, a loving and proud husband who struggles to admit he is greatly fatigued and not equipped to care for his wife at home. His beloved wife of 60 years.

That’s our life as Placement Advisors. We listen. We provide knowledge and resources. We hold the hands of people who were once strangers, and then become trusted friends. Because we believe that during the most difficult times in life’s journey, sometimes you just need someone to sit with you and offer encouragement. And when the dust settles just enough, we come up with solutions together. It’s not easy finding a retirement community, care facility or care home. Our goal is for our clients to be able to focus on their health and be present to their loved one in need of support – while we do some of the heavy lifting.


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